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eSight Digital Eyewear Can Help You See
Try on the only intelligent eyewear for low vision and legal blindness
eSight Digital Eyewear is a breakthrough new technology that uses a camera, a controller and two LCD screens to help people with certain types of low vision actually see. Unlike other low vision aids that are only good for one purpose, eSight’s revolutionary technology is fully mobile and designed to be used for all low vision needs.
5 Ways eSight Digital Eyewear can improve your life:
1 Engagement: Imagine being able to see your loved ones! READ MORE
2 Increased Productivity: Computer screens, phones and other devices are now usable.
3 Mobility: Walk around, see and live your life with your new sight ability. READ MORE
4 Daily Living Improvement: Improve your ability to write checks, perform daily activities. READ MORE
5 Entertainment: Plug in the latest Netflix movies, eReaders and more. Any web-based content works! READ MORE
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Learn More About eSight Digital Eyewear
eSight for Friends & Family of Visually Impaired
Could eSight Digital Eyewear could be a solution for your low vision friend or family member? Find out here.
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How eSight Digital Eyewear Works
How eSight Digital Eyewear Works
eSight Digital Eyewear is mobile, hands-free, and suitable for near, far and mid-range tasks. Learn how the technology works here.
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eSight for Physicians
eSight Opportunities for Eye Care Professionals
Learn about how you can help low vision people in your community by partnering with eSight Digital Eyewear.
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